Personal Training


Personal Training is a great option for those looking to achieve a goal, to help stay motivated and consistent, to correct their form/posture or to learn new movements with correct technique. Victoria Bootcamp offers certified Personal Trainers to work closely with you to make sure they can accommodate your needs. We do in-home, online, and outdoor training all year round. Training inside a gym is an option but may affect pricing slightly.

-One-on-one personal training
-Small Group Training
-Sport Specific Training
-Fitness for Seniors
-Weight Loss
-Weight Loss For Postpartum Moms
-Nutrition Counseling
-Post Injury Rehabilitation

*Training can be done at a variety of locations, including in home, in order to accommodate your schedule. If you would like to train in a gym there may be a gym rental price which varies from place to place so please inquire if this is an option for you.



1x week $65/hr

2x week $62.50/hr

3X week $60/hr


1x week plus Bootcamp is $250 month 


GROUP TRAINING: - Base Price is $65 hr plus $15 for each additional person.

2 People $40/hr each ($75/hr)

3 people $31.65/hr each ($95/hr)

4 people $27.50/hr each ($110/hr)

For more options please contact me with details.

For more information on her PERSONAL TRAINING and other Personal Fitness Services click here to contact Sue.