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Victoria Bootcamp About Us

Victoria Bootcamp is part of a community centered health and fitness company specializing in fun and effective training and nutrition counseling for all fitness levels and group sizes. Owner and founder, Sue Killin (Pritchard) started Victoria Bootcamp in 2007 with the goal of bringing her passion for healthy living to the community around her. She began as a personal trainer at a local gym while running outdoor bootcamps in the evenings and weekends. Her self-confidence and determination led her to strike out on her own and create a company that would accurately reflect her passion for health and fitness. Over the years Sue has become one of the most experienced and respected trainers in our community through a constant process of self growth and education.

Victoria Bootcamp provides a battery of weekly indoor and outdoor bootcamps as always, for a more social and dynamic workout. Sue encourages all bootcamp members to take part in community fitness events and competitions, as well as intramural sports and social events.