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Victoria Bootcamp Group Fitness Class Locations

Heavy Lifting Haven: Dive into Strength at Camosun!

Situated in Camosun College Interurban's Liz Ashton Building, room 109, our Fitness and Rec Gym is a powerhouse for serious lifting. This fully-loaded gym becomes our exclusive playground post-regular hours, offering a warm indoor haven for winter workouts. If heavy weights and a fully functional gym entice you, this is your spot. Our camaraderie here is as strong as our weights are heavy, making each session a step toward enduring strength. Join us, train hard, and revel in the progress amidst a supportive crew!

Current Classes: 

Welcome to our lively lineup of classes at Camosun Interurban! While these are our current offerings, life’s little surprises like weather changes or sniffles may shuffle things around. So, ensure you're in the loop by Looking at the Schedule below. Your fitness adventure awaits, and we're thrilled to have you join us on the journey!

Strength & Conditioning

Tuesdays and Thursdays

6:15 - 7:15 pm

Seeking a high-intensity challenge? Join Danny's Strength & Conditioning Classes at Camosun Interurban! Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, Danny leads heart-pounding sessions. His expertise guides you through full-body workouts that empower you. Whether a fitness enthusiast or beginner, find a supportive space to reach your goals.

Class Schedule Overview

Your Weekly Fitness Lineup
Victoria Bootcamp Group Fitness Class Locations

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