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Classes and Schedule

Elevate Your Fitness Experience with Victoria Bootcamp's Workouts

Welcome to Victoria Bootcamp, where the invigorating outdoors becomes your fitness playground. Our carefully curated range of outdoor fitness classes is designed not only to challenge your body but also to inspire your spirit. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a complete beginner, our programs are tailored to meet you at your level and guide you towards success.

Discover Our Current Classes

Ignite Your Passion for Fitness

At Victoria Bootcamp, we believe in fueling your fitness journey with classes that fire up your passion, push your limits, and help you tap into your full potential. Whether you're taking your first step toward fitness or you're an experienced athlete seeking new challenges, we have the perfect class for you.

Our experienced instructors bring their expertise and energy to each session, creating an environment that's not only supportive but also energizing. Get ready to sweat, grow, and transform with Victoria's Bootcamp!

Sue's Bootcamps

Transform Your Body in the Fresh Air

Join Sue for invigorating outdoor bootcamp sessions at two convenient locations. Start your mornings off right at Braefoot Elementary, where fresh air and dynamic workouts set the tone for the day. Unwind in the evenings at Rutledge Park, where Sue's engaging classes melt away stress and build strength. Sue's expertise caters to all fitness levels, making sure everyone feels included and empowered.

Victoria Bootcamp

Danny's Bootcamps

Unleash Your Strength and Embrace Challenges

Looking for a high-intensity challenge? Join Danny's Intense Outdoor Bootcamp at Rutledge Park! These heart-pumping sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Danny's expertise and motivation will guide you through a total-body workout that empowers and energizes. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting out, you'll find a welcoming and supportive environment that helps you achieve your goals.

Fitness Group

Kid-Friendly Bootcamp

Family Fitness Fun: Where Kids Play, Parents Thrive

We understand that life gets busy, especially when you're a parent. That's why we've designed our Kid-Friendly Bootcamp – a unique opportunity for parents to rejuvenate while their little ones play nearby. Our certified instructors lead dynamic and engaging workouts that combine strength training, cardio exercises, and bodyweight movements. You can fully participate in the workout while still attending to your child's needs. It's fitness and family time combined!

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Class Schedule

Our Outdoor Bootcamp and Baby Bootcamp classes are offered at various times throughout the week, depending on the season and weather. 

Join us for a class that suits your schedule and let's work towards your fitness goals together.
Victoria Bootcamp

Ready to Transform Your Fitness Journey?
Join Us Today!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of fitness, camaraderie, and growth? Join Victoria Bootcamp today and experience the power of a supportive community that's dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Let's thrive together in the great outdoors!

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