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Victoria Bootcamp Group Fitness Class

Welcome to Victoria Bootcamp

Where Fitness Meets Family

For two decades, we've been Victoria's heart, fostering fitness, community, and transformation. Join us to experience more than just fitness; become part of our family.

Victoria Bootcamp Group Fitness Class

Our Story

Two decades ago, Sue ignited the first spark of Victoria Bootcamp, believing that joy in fitness is best when shared. Today, Danny stands with us, not just as a member but as family. From humble park workouts to vibrant locations, our story is one of fun, grit, and togetherness.

Our Approach

Vibes, Laughter, and Milestones

At Victoria Bootcamp, we blend encouragement, laughter, and personal milestones into every workout. Our classes are heaps of fun, and our tribe is all about having each other's back.

Victoria Bootcamp Group Fitness Class

Our Classes

Fitness for Every Taste

Dive into our range of classes designed for all fitness levels. From high-energy HIIT sessions to calming stretches, we've got something for everyone.


Our Locations

Fitness Spots with a Flavour of Victoria

Variety's the spice of life at Victoria Bootcamp! With locations sprinkled across Victoria, each offers a unique vibe. From Rutledge Park to Sue’s House, find the perfect spot to start your fitness journey.


Meet the Team

Your Supportive Fitness Allies
Meet the fun-loving, dedicated team at Victoria Bootcamp, here to support every step, leap, and lift of your fitness journey. Each of our trainers brings a unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and empathy to the Bootcamp family.
Victoria Bootcamp Group Fitness Class


Hear It from Our Members

Our members' stories best reflect the joyous transformation that Victoria Bootcamp brings into lives. See how we've made fitness an integral and delightful part of their journey.

Join Us Today!

Ready to start a fulfilling fitness journey surrounded by supportive friends? Step into Victoria Bootcamp. Here, we're more than just workouts; we're a community eager to help you reach your goals. Together, let's embrace the joys of outdoor fitness.

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