Jen Ikle BCRPA Certified Trainer

I am an experienced, knowledgeable Personal Trainer with the ability to clearly communicate the what, where, why, and how my clients can reach optimum overall health and well-being. My goal is to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle by building strength in body and mind.

Fitness has been the focus of my entire life from gymnastics at the age of 4, to swimming, soccer, volleyball, softball, and playing competitive squash in school. It was the Grade 8 weight room and cardio workouts that kick started my love of fitness training.

Today, I enjoy bike riding, hiking, walking, and rollerblading to compliment my strength training routine, along with weights for a perfect balance. My goal with exercise has always been to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise for me manages pain, prevents disease, and keeps my bones strong. After sustaining multiple injuries, my quest to help people overcome and prevent injuries became my new focus. Regardless of setbacks, I am a testament that if you set your mind to it, you can recover from anything!

For me, there is no greater challenge than to achieve success in life through great struggle – and so my journey began. I discovered hard work and persistence can help us realize any goal we desire. Even though I started from a place of physical disability, I adapted and rebuilt myself to a point where I could live a ‘normal’ life again.  Physical health can always get better no matter when we start!

Equally important as fitness is healthy eating. In my life, I have faced addiction issues and food allergies. Finding the right balance of fruits and vegetables in every meal is incredibly important. For me, a gluten-free, and a dairy-free diet is essential to minimize digestive problems and heightened inflammation in my joints. Because of the multiple injuries I received from the motor vehicle accident, any physical or emotional stress results in inflammation. Exercise and nutrition together are essential for my optimal well-being.

To give back, I like to help people struggling with physical challenges while also addressing any emotional, and dietary challenges in order to achieve optimal balance in life.

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