Lauren Carrigan BCRPA Certified Trainer

Lauren Carrigan’s passion for health and wellness began at a young age, playing a variety of high-level sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, running and yoga. She has always enjoyed reading and learning about how to properly nourish her body and how to stay motivated towards achieving her athletic goals.

During her biochemistry degree, she had the opportunity to study physiology and the bio mechanics of the human body. While taking her BCRPA certification courses, her passion for helping others to explore and enhance their physical health and fitness began to evolve, and it turned into an incredibly rewarding career in personal training.

Lauren loves working with people, from all walks of life, to support them towards reaching their personal fitness goals. She understands that each person’s life has unique challenges, and she is extremely motivated to support others towards finding their own healthy balance. Committing to a positive, long-term lifestyle change can be challenging, but with the right mindset, proper nourishment and regular exercise, anyone can achieve their fitness goals!

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