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Hi, I'm Sue

In her role as a trainer, Sue is dedicated to giving back to her community by helping us reach a healthy balance between our work, home, and family life as well as our fitness goals. Sue aims to be an inspiration to us and share her knowledge and expertise with us so we can strengthen the bonds between work, fitness, family, and play.


My Story

Sue Killin (Prichard) has always been interested in personal health and fitness. She has participated in many sports and athletic events over the years including rowing, squash, tennis, volleyball, Tough Mudder, and various races. She is internally motivated to fuel her body nutritiously and exercise consistently and strives to foster this motivation in others. Eating well and learning how the body is affected by the food we eat is an area that she loves to explore. Sue believes that eating well along with exercise is the most effective way to achieve our long-term health and fitness goals.

Sue’s goal as a trainer is to help us reach our personal health and fitness goals. It sounds easy enough, yet motivation is often our biggest struggle. Most of us desire a varied and healthy diet, and a fit and healthy body. However, achieving these goals is difficult as we have children, work, family obligations, school, and the desire to have a social life. We also have a hard time finding time to cook nutritious meals and exercise. Sue wants to share her expertise with us so that we can become more positively motivated to achieve a healthy balance of fitness, work, family, and of course, play.

Whether we are already exercising consistently, or are looking to make a lifestyle change, Sue is excellent at finding specific ways to motivate each of us to work. This will enable us to reach our next health and fitness goal. She is excellent at isolating and rehabbing nagging injuries to get us back in top form, all the while providing a positive and constructive training atmosphere.

Learning to find balance in life can be difficult, which is where a personal trainer like Sue becomes invaluable. Learning easy ways to eat healthily, be more productive in our workouts, rehab an injury, understand how to relieve stress, and become accountable. These are just some of the things we will gain from her. In addition to extending our lives, these changes can make our lives more fulfilling and happier.

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