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Sue K

Founder / Strength & Conditioning Coach

About Coach

Sue is a highly qualified personal health and fitness trainer with vast experience in various sports and athletic events. Her passion for healthy eating habits and regular exercise led her to be an expert in motivating people of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Sue's expertise in developing tailored exercise and nutrition plans and injury rehab and prevention ensures that her clients stay active and healthy. She strives to empower her clients to balance their work, family obligations, and social life through exercise and nutrition. Sue believes that healthy eating and exercise are the foundations of a joyful and fulfilling life. With Sue's guidance, clients can make simple and sustainable lifestyle changes to improve their overall well-being and happiness. She is a top-tier trainer that can help anyone achieve their fitness goals and live their best life.


BCRPA-CPT - Certified Personal Trainer (British Columbia Recreation and Park Association)

The Hardest Step Is Always the First Step.

It's time to take the first step!
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